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Our vegan lip balm contains no animal or insect products. With lots of yummy flavours these will be a hit with both young and old! Our lips sure do love them!


Acai: The acai berry grows in the Amazon Rainforest on acai palm trees.  It is known for its high levels of antioxidants, and is becoming quite popular around the world for its health benefits.  Acai berries have a unique tropical berry taste,

Watermelon: This fragrance is a fruit blend of melons, peach and strawberry with a hint of vanilla.

Caramel: This fragrance is a buttery, toffee caramel aroma. 

Vanilla: This fragrance  is a sweet, sugary aroma of fresh vanilla beans,

Hubba Bubba: This flavour is very similar to a popular brand bubble gum - the purple variety.


Candelilla wax

Castor oil

Coconut oil

Almond Oil

Jojoba Oil

Vitamin E (synthetic)

Natural additive (sweetener)

Flavour oil